Wallis Political Economy Working Group

The Political Economy Working Group provides a forum for faculty and graduate students in the Political Science and Economics Departments to discuss advanced topics in political economy. The nature of the workshops is meant to be quite open. Presenters should feel free to discuss their own research, advertise a new literature, provide insight into an existing literature, or teach a new analytical technique that would be of interest to the group. In Fall/Spring semesters, we are meeting on Thursdays, from 12.30pm to 1.30pm, in Harkness Hall 112. To join the group and for any other inquiries, please email Lawrence Rothenberg (lawrence.rothenberg@rochester.edu) or John Duggan (dugg@ur.rochester.edu).

Spring 2017

Date Presenter
February 9thEmiel Awad
February 23rdShichao Ma
March 2ndLucas Pahl
April 13thViviane Sanfelice
April 20thPeter Bils
May 4th (10am in Fenno Room, Harkness 329)Gleason Judd
May 11thShuhei Kitamura

Fall 2016

Date Presenter
October 6thMichael Gibilisco
October 20thShuhei Kitamura
November 3rdJohn Duggan
November 10thMetin Uyanik

Spring 2016

Date Presenter
March 3rdZizhen Ma
March 17thPeter Bils
March 31stNicolas Riquelme
April 21stBrad Smith
May 10thKristy Buzard

Fall 2015

Date Presenter
November 12thJack Paine (paper)

Spring 2015

Date Presenter
January 29thRichard DiSalvo
February 26thPatrick Harless
March 5thGleason Judd
April 2ndSergio Ascencio
April 9thJidong Chen

Fall 2014

Date Presenter
November 20thJidong Chen
December 4thPhilipp Tillmann

Spring 2014

Date Presenter
February 27thWilliam Spaniel
March 27thMichael Gibilisco
April 3rdBingchao Huangfu
April 24thDan Butler
May 1stMatthew Knowles
May 8thUgur Ozdemir

Fall 2013

Date Presenter
December 5thUgur Ozdemir

Spring 2013

Date Presenter
February 21stHeng Liu
April 4thJeffrey Marshall
April 18thRob Carroll
April 25thRyan Tierney

Fall 2012

Date Presenter
September 20th John Andrew Baynes
October 11th Tasos Kalandrakis
November 8th Kostas Matakos
December 6th Sourav Battacharya

Spring 2012

Date Presenter
April 5th Asen Kochov
April 19th Arkadi Predtetchinski
April 26th Yicheng Wang
May 3rd Miguel Rueda
May 10th Jeffrey Marshall

Fall 2011

Date Presenter
September 22nd Avi Acharya
November 10th Yicheng Wang
November 17th John Duggan

Spring 2011

Date Presenter
February 3rd Tyson Chatagnier
March 3rd Wonki "Jo" Cho
March 17th Lin Liu
April 7th Lukas Pfaff
April 14th Jean Guillaume Forand

Fall 2010

Date Presenter
September 23rd Tasos Kalandrakis
November 18th Vikram Maheshri

Spring 2010

Date Presenter
March 25th Kerim Kavakli
April 1st Jun Xiang
April 8th Angelo Polydoro
April 15th Arthur Avila

Fall 2008

Date Presenter
September 18th Yoji Sekiya
October 23nd Tasos Kalandrakis
October 30th Alex Debs
November 6th Mark Fey
November 20th Chih-Chun Yang

Spring 2008

Date Presenter
January 17th John Duggan
January 31st Andrea Vindigni
February 21st Martin Steinwand
March 6th Yoji Sekiya
April 17th Yoichi Kasajima

Fall 2007

Date Presenter
September 4th Pohan Fong
September 20th Pohan Fong
October 4th Joey McMurray
November 8th Alexandre Debs
December 13th Alejandro Saporiti