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Seminar Series

The Seminar Series brings outside speakers to Rochester to discuss their research in the field of political economy. Faculty members and graduate students in the Departments of Political Science and Economics are invited to attend.

Seminars run on Thursday, from 3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. in Harkness Hall 112. The Series is organized by Lawrence Rothenberg ( and Sergio Montero (

Spring 2019

Past Seminars

Fall 2018

Spring 2018

Fall 2017

  • September 7
    Konstantinos Matakos, King’s College London
    "Electoral Rule Effects on Intra-party Cohesion: Theory and Evidence" (with Orestis Troumpounis, Janne Tukiainen, Riikka Savolainen and Dimitrios Xefteris)
  • October 19
    Claire Lim, Cornell University
    "The Political Economy of Medicaid: Ideology, Eligibility, and the Consequences of Cost-Saving Measures" (with Jee Hun Choi)

Spring 2017

Fall 2016

  • October 13
    Karam Kang, Carnegie Mellon University
    "Winning by Default: Why Is There So Little Competition in Government Procurement?" (with Robert A. Miller)
  • December 1
    Yosh Halberstam, University of Toronto

Spring 2016

  • February 11
    Konstantin Sonin, University of Chicago
    "Endogenous Property Rights" (with Daniel Diermeier and Georgy Egorov)
  • March 24
    Keith Schnakenberg, University of Kentucky
    "Helping Friends or Influencing Foes: Electoral and Policy Effects of Campaign Finance Contributions" (with Ian R. Turner)
  • April 14
    David Austen-Smith, Northwestern University
    "Gridlock and Inefficient Policy Instruments"
  • April 28
    Scott Gehlbach, University of Wisconsin
    "Collective Action and Representation in Autocracies: Evidence from Russia's Great Reforms"

Fall 2015

Spring 2015

Spring 2014

Fall 2013

Spring 2013

Fall 2012

Fall 2011

Spring 2011

  • February 17
    Adam Meirowitz, Princeton University
    "Credibility and Crisis Bargaining" (with Kristopher Ramsay)
  • April 21
    Arkadi Predtetchinski, Maastricht University
    "Voting on Randomly Generated Proposals" (with P. Jean-Jacques Herings)

Fall 2010

  • October 7
    Hulya Eraslan, Johns Hopkins University
    "Rhetoric in Legislative Bargaining with Asymmetric Information" (with Ying Chen)
  • November 4
    Tim Feddersen, Northwestern University
    "Revealed Preferences and Aspirations in Warm Glow Theory" (with Vadim Cherepanov and Alvaro Sandroni)

Spring 2010

  • April 29
    David Epstein, Columbia University
    "Delegation and the Regulation of Finance in the United States Since 1950" (with Sharyn O'Halloran and Geraldine McAllister)

Fall 2009

Spring 2009

Fall 2008

Spring 2008

Fall 2007