Wallis Seminar Series on Political Economy

The Seminar Series brings outside speakers to Rochester to discuss their research in the field of political economy. Faculty members and graduate students in the Departments of Political Science and Economics are invited to attend. Seminars run on Thursday, from 3:00pm to 4:30pm in Harkness Hall 112. The Series is organized by John Duggan (john.duggan@rochester.edu) and Tasos Kalandrakis (Kalandrakis@rochester.edu).

Spring 2015

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Spring 2011

  • Feb 17th
    Adam Meirowitz, Princeton University
    "Credibility and Crisis Bargaining" (with Kristopher Ramsay)

  • April 21st
    Arkadi Predtetchinski, Maastricht University
    "Voting on randomly generated proposals" (with P. Jean-Jacques Herings)

Fall 2010

  • Oct. 7th
    Hulya Eraslan, Johns Hopkins University
    "Rhetoric in Legislative Bargaining with Asymmetric Information" (with Ying Chen)
  • Nov. 4th
    Tim Feddersen, Northwestern University
    "Revealed Preferences and Aspirations in Warm Glow Theory*" (with Vadim Cherepanov and Alvaro Sandroni)

Spring 2010

  • April 29th:
    David Epstein, Columbia University
    "Delegation and the Regulation of Finance in the United States Since 1950" (with Sharyn O'Halloran and Geraldine McAllister)

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