Wallis Institute Annual Conference

Inaugural Conference

December 4-5, 1992

The Wallis Institute organized its Inaugural Conference on December 4-5, 1992 at Schlegel 207. The speakers and papers are listed in the order of presentation at the conference.

  • " Economics, Politics and the Law"
    John Ferejohn, Stanford University
  • "The Theory of Institutions"
    Randall Calvert, University of Rochester
  • "International Political Economy"
    Ray Reizman, University of Iowa and Jay Wilson, Indiana University
  • "Property Rights and the Transition of Economies"
    William Riker and David Weimer, University of Rochester
  • "Macroeconomics and Politics"
    Alberto Alesina, Harvard University
  • "Long-run Politics and Economic Concerns of Growth"
    Edward Gramlich, University of Michigan
  • "Regulation"
    David Baron, Stanford University