Wallis Institute Annual Conference

29th Annual Conference

October 7-8, 2022

The Wallis Institute Annual Conference will be held in-person by invitation October 7-8, 2022.

2022 Conference Schedule (pdf)

Conference Papers

In alphabetical order by speaker
Vincent Anesi
Peter Buisseret
The Politics of Collective PrincipalsGeorgy Egorov, Northwestern University
Arianna Degan
Braz Camargo
Accountability and Political CompetitionAlexander Hirsch, California Institute of Technology
Hulya Eraslan
Marina Agranov
Chloe Tergiman
Bargaining in the Shadow of UncertaintyAlessandra Casella, Columbia University
Tommaso Giommoni
Massimo Morelli
Daniele Paserman
Signaling Incentives and the Quality of Legislation: A Text and Network Analysis of the U.S. CongressChristian Fong, University of Michigan 
Carl HeeseInformation Frictions and Opposed Political InterestsCesar Martinelli, George Mason University
Andreas Kleiner
S. Nageeb Ali
Navin Kartik
Sequential Veto Bargaining with Incomplete InformationJan Zapal, CERGE- EI
Vincent Pons
Benjamin Marx
Vincent Rollet
Electoral TurnoversAlexander Fouirnaies, University of Chicago

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