Wallis Institute Annual Conference

30th Annual Conference

September 22-23, 2023

The Wallis Institute Annual Conference will be held in-person by invitation September 22-23, 2023.

2023 Conference Schedule (pdf)

Conference Papers

In alphabetical order by speaker
Daniel Bernhardt
Stefan Krasa
Francesco Squintani
Political Competition and Strategic Voting in Multi-Candidate Elections
Discussant:Laurent Bouton – Georgetown University
Ying Chen
Liuchun Deng
Minako Fujio
Irreversibility, Complementarity, and the Dynamics of Public Good Provision” (online appendix)
Discussant:Salvatore Nunnari – Bocconi University
Giovanni Facchini
Marco Tabellini
Andrea Bernini
Cecilia Testa
Black Empowerment and White Mobilization: The Effects of the Voting Rights Act
Discussant:Mayya Komisarchik –University of Rochester
German GieczewskiNoisy Screening and Brinkmanship
Discussant: Richard Van Weelden – University of Pittsburgh
Parth Parihar
Matias Iaryczower
Santiago Oliveros
Collaboration Between and Within Groups
Discussant:Dana Foarta – Stanford University
Mattias Polborn
Benjamin Enke
Alex A. Wu
Values as Luxury Goods and Political Behavior
Discussant:Seth Hill – University of California San Diego
Mehdi Shadmehr
Veli Andirin
Yusuf Neggers
Jesse M. Shapiro

Real-time Surveillance of Repression
Discussant: Scott Gehlbach – University of Chicago

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