Wallis Institute Annual Conference

28th Annual Conference

October 15-16, 2021

The Wallis Institute Annual Conference will be held provisionally in-person by invitation on October 15 and 16, 2021.

2021 Conference Schedule (pdf)

Conference Papers

In alphabetical order by speaker
Marco Battaglini
Tom Palfrey
Chaos and Unpredictability in Dynamic Public Policy ProblemsSvetlana Kosterina, Princeton University
Dana Foarta
Steven Callander
Takuo Sugaya
“Market Competition and Political Influence: An Integrated Approach”Adam Meirowitz, University of Utah
Hans Gersbach
Matthew O. Jackson
Oriol Tejada
“Optimal Term-Length and the Structure of Democracy”Federica Izzo, UCSD
John Marshall
Horacio Larreguy
Jose Ramon Enriquez
Alberto Simpser
“Online Political Information: Facebook Ads, Electorate Saturation, and Electoral Accountability in Mexico”Greg Martin, Stanford University
Anil Menon
Mark Dincecco
James Fenske
“The Columbian Exchange and Conflict in Asia”Jenny Guardado, Georgetown University
Nicola Persico“A Theory of Non-Democratic Redistribution and Public Good Provision“Gerard Padró i Miquel, Yale University

Past Conferences

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