Wallis Institute Annual Conference

26th Annual Conference

September 27-28, 2019

Detailed Schedule (pdf)


David E. Broockman (with Evan J. Soltas)
“A Natural Experiment on Discrimination in Elections”
Discussant: Nicola Persico, Northwestern University

Nathan Canen (with Chad Kendall and Francesco Trebbi)
Unbundling Polarization”
Discussant: Nolan McCarty, Princeton University

Ying Chen (with Jan Zapal)
Sequential Vote Buying”
Discussant: Wioletta Dziuda, University of Chicago

Camilo Garcia-Jimeno (with Alberto Ciancio)
“Immigration Enforcement under Federalism: Conflict, Cooperation, and Policing Efficiency”
Discussant: Bernardo S. Silveira, Washington University in St. Louis

Bard Harstad
“Pledge-and-Review Bargaining”
Discussant: Avidit Acharya, Stanford University

Carl Heese (with Stephan Lauermann)
“Persuasion and Information Aggregation in Large Elections”
Discussant: Keith Schnakenberg, Washington University in St. Louis

Federico Huneeus (with In Song Kim)
“The Effects of Firms’ Lobbying on Resource Misallocation”
Discussant: Pablo Montagnes, Emory University

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