Wallis Institute Annual Conference

25th Annual Conference

September 28-29, 2018

Schlegel Hall, University of Rochester

Detailed Schedule (pdf)


Vincent Anesi (with Renee Bowen)
"Policy Experimentation, Redistribution and Voting Rules"
Discussant: Cesar Martinelli 

Hülya Eraslan (with Adriana Piazza)
"Dynamics of Environmental Policy"
Discussant: Roger Lagunoff

Andrew C. Eggers (with Nick Vivyan)
"Who votes more strategically?"
Discussant: Jorg L. Spenkuch

Yiqing Xing (with Matthew O. Jackson)
"The Interaction of Communities, Religion, Governments, and Corruption in the Enforcement of Contracts and Social Norms"
Discussant: Georgy Egorov

Ethan Kaplan (with Haishan Yuan)
"Restrictive Voting Laws, Voter Turnout, and Partisan Vote Composition: Evidence from Ohio"
Discussant: David Broockman

Ethan Bueno de Mesquita (with Sandeep Baliga and Alexander Wolitzky)
"Deterrence with Imperfect Attribution"
Discussant: Robert Powell

Horacio Larreguy (with Jeremy Bowles)
"Who Debates, Wins? Experimental Evidence on Debate Participation in a Liberian Election"
Discussant: Thomas Fujiwara