Wallis Institute Annual Conference

3rd Annual Conference

October 11-12, 1996

The Wallis Institute organized its 3rd Annual Conference on October 11-12, 1996 at Schlegel 207. The speakers and papers are listed in the order of presentation at the conference.

Session I : Money and Politics

  • "Political Endorsements by Special Interests"
    Gene Grossman, Princeton University
  • "The Strategic Decisions of Political Action Committees"
    Nolan McCarty, Columbia Economics and Larry Rothenberg, University of Rochester

Session II : Comparative Political Institutions

  • "Cohesion in Legislatures"
    Daniel Diermier, Stanford University and Tim Feddersen, Northwestern University
  • "Electoral Systems, Corruption Levels and Voter Information"
    Mark Fey, Princeton University

Session III : Redistribution and Taxation

  • "On the Political Economy of Income Distribution and Crime"
    Antonio Merlo, University of Minnesota
  • "Budget Deficits and Redistributive Politics"
    Alessandro Lizzeri, Princeton University
  • "On the Political Economy of Income Taxation"
    Marcus Berliant, University of washington at St. Louis