Wallis Institute Annual Conference

4th Annual Conference

September 26-27, 1997

The Wallis Institute organized its 4th Annual Conference on September 26-27, 1997 at Holiday Inn Airport. The speakers and papers are listed in the order of presentation at the conference.

Session I : Social Groups, Tolerance and Conflict

  • "The Rationality of Fear : Political Opportunism and Ethnic Conflict"
    Rui deFigueiredo, Stanford political science
    (with Barry Weingast)
  • "A Theory of Constitutional Standards and Civil Liberty"
    Roger Lagunoff, Georgetown Economics

Session II : Modern Approaches to Classic Problems

  • "The Coase Theorem with Private Information"
    Richard McKelvey, Caltech Social Science
    (with Talbot Page)
  • "Large Poisson Games"
    Roger Myerson, Northwestern MEDS

Session III : Jurisdiction and Efficiency

  • "Distributive Policy Making as a Source of Inefficiency in Representative Democracies"
    Stephen Coate, Penn Economics
  • "Constitutional Rules of Exclusion in Jurisdiction Formation"
    Suzanne Scotchmer, Berkeley Economics
    (with Pilippe Jehiel)
  • "Does Fiscal Decentralization Increase Innovation ?"
    Koleman Strumpf, North Carolina Economics