Wallis Institute Annual Conference

5th Annual Conference

November 6-7, 1998

The Wallis Institute organized its 5th Annual Conference on November 6-7, 1998 in collaboration with Northwestern University at the Allen Center in Evanston campus. The papers are listed in the order of presentation at the conference.

  • "Stationary Equilibria in a Bargaining Model of Social Choice", by Jeffrey Banks and John Duggan
  • "A Theory of Political Compromise", by Avinash Dixit, Gene Grossman and Faruk Gul
  • "The Positive Political Economy of Public Debt", by Robert Franzese, Jr
  • "Lobbying and Legislative Bargaining", by Elhanan Helpman and Torsten Persson
  • "Voting over Federal Mandates" by Thomas Palfrey and Jacques Cremer
  • "The Provision of Public Goods under Alternative Electoral Incentives", by Alessandro Lizzeri and Nicola Persico