Wallis Institute Annual Conference

2nd Annual Conference

October 15-16, 1993

The Wallis Institute organized its 2nd Annual Conference on October 15-16, 1993 at Dewey 218. The focus of the conference was on "The Political Economy of Public Law". The speakers and papers are listed in the order of presentation at the conference.

  • "Accountability, Separation of Powers and the Judiciary : Where are We in the Positive Theory of Courts ?"
    Andrew Rutten, Cornell University and University of Rochester
  • "Judicial Deference to Agency Action : A Rational Choice Theory and an Empirical Test"
    Linda Cohen, University of Irvine
  • "Rational Renegades : A Theory of Judicial Defiance"
    Edward Schwartz, Harvard University
  • "New Avenues for Modelling Judicial Politics"
    Charles Cameron, Columbia University
  • "The Positive Political Dimensions of Regulatory Reform"
    Daniel Rodriguez, University of California at Berkeley
  • "The Creation of Rights in American Public Law : Constitutional versus Statutory Interpretation"
    John Ferejohn, Stanford University and William Eskridge, University of Georgetown
  • "Interpretation as Social Interaction",
    Jack Knight, Washington University.